ENDLess rope

R E L E A S E   T H E   B E A S T



Functional Training - Functional Fitness - Circuit Training

The Endless Rope - Made in Germany - is the perfect workout device for your back, shoulders, and arms, and is especially well suited for circuit training and functional fitness. With a low product weight of 4 kg and the included cable slings, the Endless Rope can be quickly, easily, and flexibly attached to any fitness tower or any other suspension point.


The resistance can be individually adjusted from very light to extremely heavy, providing intensive training for any performance level for functional training. Different muscle groups can be activated depending on the exercise, ensuring a varied and interesting training session in the area of functional fitness.


A brief load of 31 seconds is sufficient to feel the benefits of the Endless Rope and improve your own strength and endurance.


Functioanl Fitness - Functional Training - Circuit Training


Get on the rope, and let your inner beast run wild!



ENDLESS ROPE for Functional Fitness & Functional Training


• Product weight 4 kg

• Incl. cable slings for suspension

• Simple installation

• Rope made of high quality TPU material

• Individually adjustable resistance

• Optimal for circuit or functional training &  functional fitness

• Made in Germany


endless quality

Endless Rope - Endless Quality.

Die Endless Rope is a product of Carl Stahl Kromer GmbH. The traditional manufacturer of springs and balancers for industry is an expert on ropes, loads, fastening, forces and ergonomics.

Renowned companies sucs as Audi, Volkswagen and Daimler have been trusting the quality of Carl Stahl Kromer for years!

This quality is also found in the Endless Rope: Made in Germany.


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